Practitioner Benefits

These are just some of the benefits you can experience when you are trained as an RBTI Analysis Consultant and set up a testing station in your clinic.

  • An inexpensive system of analysis you control.

  • An affordable testing system proven to increase client retention and word of mouth advertising and support.

  • Becoming an RBTI Analysis Consultant will make Your Practice of Health Support SIMPLER and EASIER.

  • You will learn how to balance your clients nutritionally to help them move into the Healing Zone faster.

  • You can be operational and receiving additional income within days of completing the workshop.

  • RBTI is easy to use, simple to explain and gets great results.

  • You will be able to track and know if your clients are responding to your well-chosen remedies.

  • Better client compliance, results and increased profitability.

  • You will get real answers.

  • A simple to use testing system you can teach your staff.

  • A non-invasive testing system.

  • Makes it simple to treat children or adults who are anxious, autistic, arthritic, depressed, fatigued, infertile, obese, sick or in any other way health impaired.

  • Greater insight into your clients’ biochemistry.

  • Improvements to your income from $200-$500 per week, minimum.

  • Improved Client results.

  • You will be following historically sound Naturopathic Principles.

“Why Guess When You Can Be Sure!”

Carey Reams